Brown Science Olympiad Planning Team

What is BSO?

Welcome to our website! We are an undergraduate organization at Brown that is dedicated to STEM education and outreach through the Science Olympiad program. We do this primarily by running an annual high school invitational at Brown, as well as assisting in other local tournaments including RI States. We held our first tournament on February 3, 2018, and it was a great success, bringing 30 teams from across the Northeast to Brown’s beautiful campus to compete in a day of fun, hands-on science. We’re excited to build upon that foundation and provide an even better experience this year!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an interactive, engaging, and fun Science Olympiad experience to a diverse group of teams from around the United States, each year. The core to this mission is our emphasis on encouraging the development of new teams and bringing students from both competitive, as well as burgeoning districts, to see Brown’s cutting-edge STEM facilities. 

2018-2019 Executive Board

Here are the members of our current planning team:

Ethan Wold, ‘20 Biology & Climate Science

Amita Sastry, ‘20 Immunobiology

Sharon Zeldin, ‘20 Biochemistry & Philosophy

Amber Yildizel, ‘20 International Relations

Stephanie Adaniya, ‘20 Chemistry

Jasmine Brite, ‘20 Biology

Ian Sabula, ‘20 Biochemistry

JP Moise, ‘21 Biology & Linguistics

Stella Tsotsos, ‘19 Materials Engineering

Rahul Jayaraman, ‘19 Astrophysics

Kaitlyn Mi, ‘22 Cognitive Neuroscience